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The Full Story about

 BG Holistic Solutions 

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BG HolisticSolutions 

BG =
Boghagha = healing  Ghudi = energy.

"The *BoghaghaGhudi brand provides great quality products and years of hands on experience, from a team who passionately and compassionately believes in consistent, dynamic research and growth. This leads to healthier solutions, simple and comfortable ways of exchange, collaboration and business. Our tailored Body Maintenance and Nutrition Consulting, Healing Sessions and Products are solutions for a more comfortable and Holistic lifestyle with less ailments, more energy and a healthy foundation to build upon. Our solutions also help assist in recovery from certain trauma(s) and pain as well as promote muscle growth, strength, flexibility and endurance. We also provide information/techniques for self maintenance on the go"... 


ByronJohnMoore (BJM) and the Origin of BoghaghaGhudi...

For starters, *Boghagha Ghudi [Pronounced "BO'GAGA - GOODEE] means "Healing Energy".

While traveling, working, living and healing around the globe for over a couple of decades, as a Visual and Performing Artist and Holistic Practitioner, ByronJohnMoore (BJM) attended and graduated from the "Academy of Massage Therapy" with a unique set of healing skills, a Certification and a License in Clinical Massage, Bodywork and SPA Therapies. He then went on to learn from and become certified by other greats in the field of Holistic Nutrition, Healing and Wellness. Some of them are Muntu LawBarbara H. HeardDr. Llaila Afrika and Dr. Melanie Stevenson and Queen Afua and has become an Official Wellness Warrior and Family Ambassador of Wellness after completing his Man Heal Thyself Rites of Passage with a team of Wellness Warriors including United States Veteran Supa Nova Slom and Queen Esther's Son the great Hallelujah Walcott from Queen Afua's City of Wellness. BJM has completed and is now Certified in his Shoden and Okuden studies under his Master Reiki and Acupuncture Teacher and Practitioner in North America and continues to " still at times, while still learning and developing."

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