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*BoghaghaGhudi means Healing Energy in the Tchogho language. We are also known throughout Gabon, in Africa and throughout the Diaspora as Healers who have preserved information passed down through our people. Our spiritual practices, healing techniques and musical connection to the earth, universe, sprit world and beyond has had and still has major influence among many groups throughout Africa, the French Caribbean, Caribbean Islands, Europe and other groups of people throughout the world.

the Mission... to continue to collaborate, share, develop and evolve beyond our limitations.


the Vision...

"As I started to quickly learn from a more Holistic and Preventative measured approach and practice, I immediately focused on developing solutions for healing and paths to optimal health for our dynamic selves and environment. The moment I understood, via one of my dear uncle's bits of wisdom and eventually many elders, while growing up, that proper nutritional intake was one of the most important investments that we can all make and benefit from, I started to focus on the best ways to create and prepare needed products and a combination of techniques that would help heal our bodies, minds and spirits in maintaining optimal health. One of the goals was to create products that were available globally. At least, 2 needs that we all have are our natural needs for food or nutritional intake and physical activity/movement(s). Let's have healthier foods, top quality intake, along with a healthier way of moving through the world! Ultimately, great and inspiring ideas and products that reflect greatness can help us evolve in the best ways possible, as human beings. *"BoghaghaGhudi" was created with this in mind." 


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